photo of Round Parchita vegan handmade artisan soap bar

Vegan Artisan Handmade Soap Bar Round Parchita

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Good for Normal Skin Abba 100% Vegan Artisan Handmade Soap Bar 

  • Made with saponified oils: Olive, Avocado and Organic Coconut.
  • Scented with:  Blend of passion fruit, mango and coconut fragrances. 
  • Made with: White clay powder, Vegan micas used for colors.
  • Net Wt. approximated: 3.8 - 4.2 oz.

Important: If irritation occurs, discontinue the use immediately. At Abba Soaps, we don't manufacture soaps to cure any skin disease, and they are not medicinal. Use our 100% vegan, handmade soap bars to cleanse and reduce impurities on your skin.

For any type of skin condition; You should visit your doctor or dermatologist and in case of any irritation.