Handmade Bar Soap Dish Bundle

Handmade Bar Soap Dish Bundle

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Abba Artisan Soap 100% Vegan Dish Bundle

Why you need an Abba Soap Dish?

Artisan and handmade soaps, due to the nature of their organic and natural ingredients, needs to be away from moisture after use. To help to this purpose, we have for you our beautiful Abba Soap Dish. Is perfect to maintain your Abba Vegan Artisan Soap dry and protected.

  • Dish comes in three alternatives colors
  • Abba soap dish is created with PLA, also called polylactic acid.
  • It is derived from natural and renewable raw materials, such as  corn, and belongs to polyesters as a synthetic polymer.
  • Its final product can be biodegraded and industrially compostable and is characterized by being the least toxic of all its alternatives.

Our Dish Bundle includes for you: 

  • One dish (select one of three color)
  • assorted soaps
    (does not include soaps from LIMITED EDITION collection)

We are in love with this new product of our inventory!

Important: If irritation occurs, discontinue the use.

Note: At Abba Soaps  we don't manufacture soaps to cure any skin disease, the soaps are designed to clean and remove impurities; they are not medicinal. For any type of skin condition; You should visit your doctor or dermatologist and in case of any irritation, discontinue this and other types of products.